In times where sport practice and philosophical, or religious, commitments find themselves mixing on and around the pitch, the congress is an opportunity for sharing views and new encounters.


The word will thus be given to all the co-signatories of the Declaration "sport, spirit of humanity"; but also to theoreticians who will address substantive issues; and actors in the field confronted daily with these themes.

Program and speakers

8.30 - 9.15 : Welcome Coffee and Registration


9.30-10.40 : Opening protocol and official interventions
Moderator: Louis Derwa (Be) Business and sport lawyer, administrator of Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles


* Video-message from M. Karl-Heinz Lambertz (Be), President, European Committee of the Regions


* Co-organisers’ address

M. Christian Hinterberger (Aut), President, European Fair Play Movement

M. Philippe Housiaux (Be), President, Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles

M. Laurent Thieule (Fr), President, Think Tank Sport and Citizen


* Allocution de M. Paul Standaert (Be), Conseiller international Panathlon International


* European and International interventions

M. Roberto Pella (It), Member, European Committee of the Regions, Italian deputy

M. Pierre-Olivier Beckers (Be), Member, International Olympic Committee (IOC) - President, Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (BOIC) and President, Coordination Commission of the Paris Games 2024


10.40-12.30 : Religious and Philosophical Worlds

Moderator : Philippe Housiaux (Be), President, Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles
"How can sport materialise confessional acceptance/ integration ?"


* Introduction by M. Olivier Bauer (CH), Ordinary Professor, Theology Faculty - University of Lausanne


* Co-signatories

Father Eric De Beukelaer (Be), Episcopal Vicar, Episcopal Conference of Belgium

M. Salah Echallaoui (Be), francophone Vice-President, Muslim Executive of Belgium M. Yves Kengen (Be), Representative, Secular Action Center

M. Denis Leblond (Be), Secretary, Belgian Buddhist Union

Dr. Geert W. Lorein (Be), President, United Protestant Church of Belgium and Federal Synod of Protestant and Evangelical Churches of Belgium

M. Philippe Markiewicz (Be), President, Central Jewish Consistory of Belgium

Father Evangelos Psallas (Be), Archpriest, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople - Archbishopric, Orthodox Church in Belgium - Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

M. Geert Vromans (Be), Secretary, Central Committee of the Anglican Church


* Questions / Answers


12.30 - 14.00 : LUNCH


14.00 - 17.15 : SPORT WORLD

Moderator : Thierry Zintz (Be), President, Panathlon Belgium - Member, Education Committee of the International Olympic Committee
“How to account for and implement the Declaration’s resolutions in all sporting activities? ”


* Introduction by M. Paul Dietschy (Fr), Professor of contemporary History, Franche-Comté University


* Table 1 - Focus on the « athlete » (Sport for All (school, health, clubs, daily, leisure) and elite sport)

M. Eric De Boever (Be), President, Royal Belgian Federation of Physical Education

Mme Anne d’Ieteren (Be), President, Belgian Paralympic Committee

M. Louis Derwa (Be), Business and sport lawyer and administrator, Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles

M. Ayman Ramdani (Be), Founding President, Belgium Plays 4 Peace

Mme Zerha Sayin (Be), CEO, Special Olympics Belgium

M. André Stein (Be), President, Association Interfédérale du Sport Francophone (AISF)


* Questions / Answers


* Table 2 - Organising Major-Sporting Events

Clip of Maya Zinshtein’s film « Forever Pure »

M. Piara Powar (UK), Director, Fare Network

M. Jim Spratt (Ir), Representative, Amalgamation of the Official Nothern Ireland Supporters Clubs (AONISC)

Mme Maya Zinshtein (Isr), film Director (Forever Pure)


* Questions / Answers


17h20 - 17h45 : CONCLUSIONS

Mme Dominique Gavage (Be), Lawyer specializing in sports law, administrator, Belgian Inter-federal Olympic Committee (COIB) and Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC)

M. Philippe Housiaux (Be), President, Panathlon Wallonie-Bruxelles

M. Christian Hinterberger (Aut), President, European Fair Play Movement